Heaven or Hell?

A man should be good. And he should be good selflessly. Most of us have some reason for our actions, whether it is a personal benefit, faith or wheels of justice. Some of us believe in karma, others in reincarnation. But what is considered to be good and what bad is often very subjective.

In Mongolia, there has been a simple system to recognize a good man from the bad one for centuries. When a person dies, he or she is not buried in the ground, like in Europe for example. His body is carried to the top of a hill, where it is left for predators. If the heavenly creatures – birds and flying insects eat it, he was a nice person and lived a good life. But if the wild dogs, wolves and beetles eat the corpse, he was a bad person and should be forgotten. As most of you might figure out, this system has a little disadvantage. You need to wait until one dies to find out what kind of person he was.

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