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Even you can help us

You can support us in many different ways. Follow our route and if you know about some cheap accommodation, have friends that would like to meet us and show us their city or if you know some ways how to earn extra money on the spot, we will be happy for any kind of help.

Just spread the word and share our stories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or other social media.

Do you like travelling as well? And do you rent cars from car rental? We have a proposal for a better alternative. Try to find a car on, where people lend their own vehicles. You can choose a car by price and location and be directly in touch with the owner. Moreover, if you register through this link, you will get $ 25 discount on the first car rental and thanks to you, we will receive credit for ours. Win-win for both of us 🙂

A similar option is offered by Airbnb. Although most people already have an account on Airbnb, maybe there is still somebody who haven’t registered yet. When you register through this link again both you and us will receive extra credit.

We are planning stopovers from time to time in order to work and earn extra money for our next trips. Do you know about any remote job offer? Please do let us know!

Dari is a statiSTICK who tends to melancholism. Her precision is expressed by her affection to dots. You can find more about her professional life on View Darina Fedorova's LinkedIn profile Darina’s profile.

Dom is a poet and gardener of dry stumps. You can feel elements of decadence, romanticism and modern narcissism in his work. More information about his profession can be found on View Dominik Franěk's LinkedIn profile Dominik’s profile.