Special lunch

Mongolian cuisine could be described by a synonym “fat”. If the restaurant doesn’t have a picture menu, you risk that for lunch you order pieces of fat with rice. Mongols are shepherds, in summer they eat lamb, in winter beef. Don’t look for poultry on the menu. Even though you can get eggs for breakfast almost everywhere, chicken is considered to be weak meat. Every boy should eat only beef to grow into a strong Mongol. Rice or potatoes serve as a side dish, and if you are lucky, you will also find a trace of carrots. Vegetarians will be satisfied as well, a vegetarian meal can be easily made by removing meat from the non-vegetarian, right?

Cattle herds are not good just for three fat meals a day, milk is used to make cheese on a scale: soft, hard to teeth-breaking. They also like a fermented horse milk, and the cold evenings can be heated by homemade milk vodka. The true delicacy is a marmot, which, when caught, makes for a nice dinner for the whole family. A preparation of marmot is very specific. Its headless torso is flamed by open fire from the outside while scraping off fur, and all body fluids are slowly boiling until the belly bursts. The broth has to be saved quickly, as this bloody and salty juice is used to dip pieces of meat in when consumed. We called the recipe in private – a marmot in its own broth. Or rather, a broth in its own marmot?

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