We are a couple of travel enthusiasts who were mostly armchair travellers and until now only dreamed about places they would love to visit. When we figured out how many places we want to visit, we concluded that five weeks of holiday a year are simply not enough. We are not leaving warm office space because it would have bored us, exactly opposite. We do enjoy our work, but we enjoy travelling even more.

We dream about traveling the world, observing bears on the lake Baikal, finding parts of the Great Wall of China that are not overcrowded by tourists, taking a close look at eight-thousanders in Nepal, being shut down for a few weeks in a monastery in Indonesia, tasting all the flavors of Asia, staying up whole nights in the Amazon rainforest for fear of spiders and everything that wants to eat us, passing Andes from south to north or vice versa.


Organiser, documentarist and medic of the expedition.

To travel the world has been her dream ever since childhood. As a child, she watched travel programmes, read through travel agencies leaflets with descriptions of exotic lands and her favourite fairy tale was Around the World with Willy Fog.

During the studies, she gave a priority to starting a career and didn’t travel enough to her liking. And although according to some people, she has already travelled enough, she decided to fulfil her childhood dream and take a journey around the world.


Photographer and a messy part of the expedition.

He has liked travelling always, a lot. The best trip ever he has enjoyed was a roadtrip through whole Balcan. in an old Skoda Favorit with other 3 friends. He loves Asian culture and food. He likes when unpredictable things are happening to him, when he is hiking in mountains or forgotten trails where there is nobody. He doesnt like too much planning, tight schedule and comercial tourism.

He gave up the job in IT corporation for the travel and he still hopes that once he can return and work again somewhere. If anyone teaches him how to take a good photos, he will be more than happy and the photos will finally look good 🙂