Russian way in a shortcut

We were looking forward to our trip to Russia for a long time. We wanted to try the food, Slavic hospitality, the train ride. Let’s have a look at some memories from out visit to this country and what we take from it.

Nature is somewhat similar to ours, in Siberia it is replaced by endless taiga and birch, some hills appear at Baikal.

The Russians are proud of their country, and they SENSATION from everything. “Do you see that lonely birch there? It is the only one on the island! “(Author’s note – no, it is not.)

As for the Russians themselves, I would describe their friendliness by the Beta distribution, namely the U-curve. Either they are rude, they can not do anything for you, and if they answer your questions “ne znaju”, they do not even look into your eyes. Or, a complete stranger invites you for a homemade samogonka, feeds you, stops his car and offers a ride, smiles and shows direction. There is not much between these two states.

They SKIP THE QUEUE. Everywhere. Always. The European and his personal space seem to indicate that they are not in the queue and just hang around.

Not everywhere, but instead of the toilet bowl they have PIT in the ground and the toilet paper is thrown into a basket.

The favorite name of the grocery store is “SPUTNIK”.

A large number of cars have a steering wheel on the right.

The Trans-Siberian railway can be different every time you take the train. It’s up to you to how you enjoy the ride. You will surely find a talkative fellow with whom you can shorten the time, in the dining car you can hear the stories of people who share their faith, or you can just get lost in your thoughts while watching the endless taiga from the window.

In Russia, LinkedIn is blocked.

They love SWEETS. Condensed milk is sold under several brands, in different sizes and containers. Candies, biscuits and other sweets are sold by weight. Well, we could get used to this.

KVAS. We fell in love it him and we will miss it.

Dom no longer reads PECTOPAH as “pektopah”.

they do not take out Christmas decoration in cities. The street lighting and the houses are decorated all year round, and they just lit on the holidays.

We were feeling hot most of the time.

Our most popular word that we have heard and we will miss: ” Кушайте!“

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