Georgian grandpas

It seems as middle-age-people have disappeared from Georgia. You meet only children and pensioners all day long. Apart from a game of draughts, sitting on the street and watching what’s going on around are popular leisure activities of Georgian elders. And such tourist with a backpack is a welcomed distraction of daily routine. Therefore, when asking a random grandpa for directions, we do not get it until we answer a bunch of his questions. Who are you? Where are you from? What are you doing here? Where are you headed?

Once the old man learns that we are from the Czech Republic, he almost cries on the spot: “Czechoslovakia? Yet there I was in the army! I went there in the sixty-eight!”.

„Heh, in the sixty-eight? What were you doing there, grandpa?“ we think, but we don’t say it out loud when he is remembering his youth.

The nostalgic man gives us a hug and kisses farewell. One by one, a kiss on each cheek.

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