Hitch-hiking in Georgia

Truck, another truck, marshrutka, truck, a herd of sheep, truck. Aka typical traffic situation on the main road Tbilisi > Russia. Convoy waiting to pass through the borders is never-ending, and you think to yourself that if the Coca-Cola Christmas truck is late this year, you know where it got stuck.

We wouldn’t like to be in their place, but we are happy that there are so many drivers and our chances to hitchhike are higher.

We are lucky. An Armenian guy Tigran, who works as a driver for 18 years, takes us in. Three weeks on the way, one week at home. Five days waiting at the borders. Again and again. It means he is actually happy when he has a chance to take hitchhikers and talk to someone on his way.

As a true patriot, he invites us to Armenia, because it is much more beautiful than Georgia. We also need to agree that Russian is the most difficult language in the world, that we practise the same religion as he does and that the police is a bunch of bureaucratic snails. His truck – his rules.

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