Our four-wheeled home

So, what do we drive and live in here in New Zealand:
Nissan Urvan ´92, high top, dual battery system, solar panel, SC for 2, can be re-certified to SC for 3!


What does it mean that we have self-contained and not just ordinary car?
We have:
💧 25L fresh water tank + extra 10L drinking water tank (You just need to add 1 more liter to pass the certification for 3 people).
💦 37L gray water tank (Hidden under the car, you´ll never have to take it out when dumping the water, just plug the hose).
🚽 20L portable toilet (Brand new, never ever used, promise!).
🗑️ rubbish bin with a lid.



What else do we have even though we wouldn´t have to?
👨‍🍳 Kitchen inside the van, we don´t have to cook outside in rain, wind and flock of sandflies.
🔥 2 flame gas stove (brand new) + 4kg refillable gas bottle.
❄️ Fridge with small freezer inside (switchable 220V and 12V charging – can be charged from the batteries or when plugged to powered site).
🏗  Lots of working space with extra foldable cutting board – heaps of space to cook a proper meal.
🔪 Cutlery and kitchen knives.
🍳 Complete kitchen equipment (pot, pans, dishes, cups).
🚰 Big sink with a water pump (not those jokes in the shape of salad bowl where you can´t even wash a pot).
📦 Lots of storage in the overhead area + 3 drawers.



Where do we get energy?
🔋 Dual battery system – car battery + brand new house battery 120Ah (still in warranty) – charge our devices while driving or when the engine is off.
☀️ Brand new 200W solar panel (still in warranty) – connected to power invertor and solar charge controller.
💡 220V power plug (when the weather is bad, we can plug the van to camp powered sites and never run out of energy).
🔌 Cigarette lighter socket in the drivers cabin.
⚡ Cigarette lighter socket, 2x USB ports, 6x 220V power sockets in the living area.



What else?
🎵 Car radio with USB.
📺 17″ TV for long nights (Yes, we do have a TV here!).
🌨️ Small fan for hot summer days.
💨 Car hoover to cigarette lighter.
💡 2 neon lights on battery + 1 neon light when plugged in.
💺 2 camping chairs (with beer holder).
🍽 The toilet hidden in its original box can be used as nice table (inside or outside car).
🌛 New curtains for your proper sleep and privacy.
📦 Heaps of storage space – 6 boxes underneath the bed, plenty of space under the roof and big space at the back of the car.
🛌 Big cozy foldable bed (Are 3 people able to sleep there, you ask? Yes! Been there, done that. You can cuddle on the bed or one person can sleep in the corridor under the bed.).
💤 1 big double duvet, sheets, 2 pillows, 4 cushions, 2 blankets (We are sleeping like a baby!).


🖼️ Mirror, so we can see how beautiful we look every morning.
🐑 Carpet on the floor and roof insulation for cold winter months.
🕶️ Window sun shades (because the sun shines like crazy here).
🤗 A lot of small clever stuff to make our life easier (hooks, storages, …).
🛠 Basic tools and lots of screws for your own DIY adaptations (but honestly, we can´t see what else might be needed here).


Technical details for those who know what they mean:
🛠 Full service done at 330 000 km.
⚙️ Oil and oil filter replaced at 330 000 km.
🗜️ Front brakes pads replaced at 329 000 km.
🚙 New radiator + viscous fan at 330 000 km.
🔩 New clutch at 327 000 km.
🛣 336 xxx km +/-.
⛽️ 2.0l petrol.
🔑 manual 5-gear.
⚙️ No cambelt (means no need to worry about this little bastard).
💺 3-seater with safety belts.
⚙️ Completely rust-free.
🛠 Serviced in professional caRoman in Nelson + happy to share a contact of a mechanic who knows the van.



Is that it? No!
🐞 Ultimate mosquito protection – mosquito net, portable mosquito repeller, incense coils (brought from Bali where they know how to deal with mosquitos).
🃏 Membership for APCNZ, 10% discount for parks + AA membership till October 2019 (many AA benefits).
🌡️ Hot water bottle we loved in NZ cold nights.
🌱 Herb garden – but to be honest, we can´t promise this one will last long.
📖 Some books to read.
🔒 Secret place where we put our laptops and valuables when we leave the car.
✨ Fairy lights because ain´t no good campervan without fairy lights, right?


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