Singapore – a city from the future

A city (or actually a country) that touches your heart. During our three-day visit, we felt like in a different planet. Sci-fi that really exists and you can literally touch it.
From sunrise to sunset, our heads are spinning from all the staring up. Our jaws also hurt as our mouths are wide open with anxiety.
MARINA BAY SANDS. For somebody just a hotel, for somebody just a casino. For us, a wonder of the modern world. From every angle it looks a bit different, from all angles it’s just gorgeous.
Gardens. THE GARDENS! With those stunning artificial trees. And domes full of flowers. And smells. And colors.
Where else do you find 200 kilometers of covered pavements? A rain can´t catch you here.
Indians, Chinese, Muslims. Everyone lives peacefully in one place here. The Hindu temple looks across the street to the Buddhist pagoda. And nobody cares. MELTING POT of ASIA.
If there is one bad thing about Singapore, it was the largest mosquito attack we have ever experienced. But to defend Singapore – maybe we brought them from Malaysia.
It’s a city of BANS AND LAWS. A few examples for all:
 It is forbidden to chew chewing gums in Singapore; in fact, it is forbidden to import them at all. Fine – $ 1000.
 A huge penalty is given for jaywalking.
 Homosexuality is against nature. Penalty – 2 years behind the bars.
 Not flushing the toilet is also illegal.
The prohibition of urinating in the elevators may seem funny and unnecessary to us, but in Singapore the elevators are equipped with urine detection devices. If the scent of urine is detected, the elevator door locks until the police arrives.
Only in Singapore are the BIRTHDAYS CELEBRATED THREE TIMES. The hotels capacities would not be able to accommodate all the visitors, so the very same show is held for three Saturdays and you can choose when you will see it.
Singapore is simply the best city in the world. Where else can you go every night to listen to the OPERA to the garden for free?
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