The Legend of the Chocolate hills

The Philippino Island of Bohol is famous not only for its gorgeous beaches, terraced rice paddies, and cute tarsier monkey, but also for the mole-like hills hidden in its centre. These are known as the chocolate hills. The area earned its name because, during the dry season, the hills have a typical brown colour. Thousands of hills stacked next to each other create a fairytale landscape that attracts tourists from around the world. But what remains covered by mystery, is how were these hills actually created. However, there is one local legend that could provide an explanation.

In the old days, a lonely giant lived here. He fell in love with a beautiful mortal. But despite his efforts to win her affection, the girl repeatedly refused to become his wife. When the girl got sick with a serious illness and died, the giant mourned and hidden in the woods. At night, his crying could be heard in the wind, and the hills that are still standing here are supposedly his tears.

A beautiful story, we think, but there is something odd. We already know how things work and what people actually do to produce brown hills. And it´s not crying.

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