Cultural Shock

On the first major journey across the borders, most of us suffer a cultural shock. To a greater or lesser extent, it will meet everyone some day. And so it happened that even I finally had one.
Nepal is a country that is definitely not for everybody. No one would expect much luxury. Well, we expected the worst, maybe that’s why we got dust masks even before arrival. Nepal is, after all, closed between India and China – two of the world’s dirtiest countries. However, we haven´t seen the worst things in the dusty cities, but on the contrary in the countryside.
On a bus trip from the mountains, I was observing the life outside the window. It was harvest time, people were working in fields and harvesting crops. In one village, they used a bull to get the grain from the plants. A young kid was beating the beast to walk around a stick. When at one moment the bull lifted up his tail to fulfill his need, the boy swiftly extended his bare palm and caught it all. He can´t let him soil the grain, right?
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