Under the Himalayan roof

We didn´t want to leave South Korea for Nepal. We didn´t know what to expect, and perhaps that is why the country surprised us in every aspect. We will not return to Nepal for the mountains nor for the people (we had enough of the mountains and there wasn’t a day when the locals wouldn’t drive us crazy), but still we would love to come back. This country has its own charm, atmosphere and still a lot of unexplored places. NAMASTE.

The first thing that welcomed us in Nepal was DUST, SMOG and GAS. We were not the only ones to cover out mouths with masks, the locals are wearing them too. But to shorten their own suffering from the dust, they also smoke. Btw for this reason, the capital is nicknamed DUSTMANDU.

We start to wear backpacks on our bellies for fear of pickpockets. It has its benefits, after a good lunch it hides your full belly.

They are calling us “MADAM” and “SIR” here.

They often speak only to Dom, and ignore Dari. It’s always: “Good morning, sir.” and “How was you meal, sir?” Dari´s good day and good food is not important. As an introvert, she didn´t mind, as an emancipated woman, she felt offended of course.

Tea MASALA, which we were looking forward to a lot, disappointed us. At home we can cook it better.

Dom is tired of explaining our relationship, so to the question: “Is this your wife?” he just nods.

The whole country is in constant reconstruction. But nobody cares about safety, what amazed us the most were the BAMBOO scaffolding.

We have seen the the biggest poverty so far. People and families with children in some areas live in metal huts, sleep on blankets on the floor, and make fire with their neighbors on the street.

The country calls for help from abroad after a devastating earthquake. They want money and volunteering. However, on the way to the mountains, you will meet countless Nepalese people who just sit by the road and wait for someone to buy CocaCola or toilet paper from them.

Transportation in the country is one big CATASTROPHE. Well, Asia.

Himal means mountain in nepalese, so how do you translate the name of the world’s highest mountain range?

There are not only dogs, but also cows, goats, monkeys, chickens and other animals walking in the streets of the capital.

People go to jail for killing a COW, cows are sacred. But a yak or buffalo is not a cow, is it?

We start to bargain. As we approach Southeast Asia, we have to be patient, and if we want to save money, we have to keep the prices down. At the beginning, it gives us a little trouble, but at the end of the journey to Nepal, Dom is taking it as a sport.

Traders sell everything. Sleeping bag? Definitely GORE-TEX! Socks ADIDAS? Do not smell for seven days!

Despite the crowds of tourists, we were fascinated by THAMEL district. It’s full of little shops with clothes, tea, paintings and street vendors selling whatever you may want. We could sit in the rooftop restaurants for days.

DAL BHAT. It’s just rice, potatoes with curry, vegetables and lentil soup. But even so, you can grow an addiction on it.

The mountain guide is more a waiter. Sometimes he cooks, but that’s all that man is good for.

Nepal is like IKEA. All the individual items are very cheap and you will find out that you have spent half your salary only at the end.

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