Far to the north, in the middle of Russian Siberia, lies a 250-thousand-people city of Norilsk. Two seasons change there – 9 months of winter and 3 months of autumn, the land is covered by permafrost.

Norilsk used to be a gulag, and 80 % of today’s population works in a factory producing alloys and elements of the whole Mendeleev table. This is also reflected in the state of the environment, the city does not fit into the air pollution scale, probably not to worsen the national average. One would wonder why people still voluntarily live in this area. The answer is simple – money. If an employee wants to leave the factory, his salary is doubled to keep him. If he wants to leave again over time, the situation is repeated. The only thing that makes one to finally leave is health.

This was the case of Ilja‘s family. Ilja lived in Norilsk until he was 18, and he knew nothing but snow and darkness. The snow blizzards can be so strong that they cover a car within 30 minutes and no one can find it. They simply do not know where to dig. Wit and inventiveness are what can save your life in these conditions. Iljas’ family was making a living by charging cars batteries. Frost is also a reason why people do not shut off car engines at night. Most likely, the vehicle would never start again. Good thing that gasoline is so cheap in Russia.

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