The word black passenger is not used in Russia, and maybe it is a completely unknown term. Not for the honesty of its inhabitants, but because of the impossibility of becoming a black passenger at all. The modern technology of ticket machines in the public transport has not arrived to Russian cities yet, so a conductor travels together with the driver in buses and trams.

You can easily identify the conductor by a warning vest and a roll of tickets hanging on a string attached to her vest or sticking out of her pocket. Actually, you do not even have to identify her, as soon as you get into the means of transport, she will appear by your side, and with an outstretched hand, she will make clear who is the boss here. Her overview of how many passengers went in and off the bus is perfect. Most likely, the training of the new conductors is done by counting the examples “There are 5 passengers in the bus, 2 got off, 8 more got in, 5 more got off and 7 in, … How many people travel in the bus?” And the final exam passes only those of them who charge an overcrowded bus on the shortest stretch between city stops.

If you want to win over the conductor to your side, do not worry about counting the tiny coins exactly, completely another thing that would be against good manners will make her day. Before leaving the bus or tram, drop your ticket to the ground by mistake. Do not worry, she won’t run to you cursing. On the contrary. She will pick the ticket quickly up and resold it to the next passenger at the first opportunity. 20-some rubble to add to her pension.

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