Why do we write a blog and what can you find here?

As was written on the home page, we make this blog so that our family and friends know, where we are and how do we enjoy it. However, we would be very pleased, if our blog helps somebody to find information about a country, where he/she plans to go. Or if we just inspire anybody to travel more, that would be cool as well. If you are on our blog for the first time and don’t know how to move around, read on to find out.

Where are we active?

We have 3 main communication channels ( Facebook, Instagram, and this blog), where we share news and articles with you, our readers.
We post notifications about the new articles on our Facebook page. Or if anything interesting happens, we post there as well. We welcome all your comments and feedback on the there.

We share photos on a daily basis from our road on Instagram. Under one condition: that we have the internet in the location we are.

You can find longer articles from our trip at the Blog. We usually write articles about the most interesting stories and share nicer pictures.

How to move around the Blog?

Blog is divided into 4 main sections -> Map, Blog, People Stories and Itinerary.

The map offers a possibility to click on a country that you might be interested in. In the country details, there is usually some infographics about our time spent in this country. There is also a list of articles and photos from there.

The articles are ordered in the blog section by date published, so the new ones can be found easily.

On our trips, we meet a lot of interesting people and we try to write a short story about these encounters, which you can find in the people stories section.

The itinerary is a kind of special. We want to visualise our trip not only on a map, but also using a timeline. It shows how and when it all started, what happened to us during the trip and what are our nearest plans.

How to get notified about a new article?

Follow our Facebook page or just subscribe to our Newsletter “Stay Tuned”, that you can find on the Home page. The advantage of the newsletter is that you receive notifications directly to your email. And we promise, no spam at all 🙂

Dominik recommends the newsletter since there is sometimes too much content on your Facebook and you can miss some article. With our newsletter, nothing like that will happen.

Want to know something about us?

Just go to About us section and read it there. There is also Support us section, where you can find our sponsors who helped us to make this huge trip.

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