UAZ tuning

Automotive transport in Russia is a story in itself. Unmistakable gray UAZ vans cross the Baikal countryside, and although it may seem that they look one like the other, it is not just so. Drivers love their UAZes, they repair them even at night, and to make the gray van different from the others, they tune them. So you can see UAZ with colorful curtains, with an extra central light, with modern discs and the unofficial winning prize goes to the white ambulance UAZ.

The owners have to fix their Uljanovsk legend surprisingly often, starting with a flat tire and not ending with a broken axle. The question is why people don’t get rid of these cars when it costs so much time and effort. And there may be a few explanations, however, the answer that they are keeping it for a national pride is not the right one. There is a solution for any defect this car might suffer so it becomes truly immortal. Moreover, who would want to destroy a new car on dusty and bumpy Russian roads when he can ride through it in the gray off-road? Besides the highways, the field roads are all over the place, sometimes even 8 of them, and it’s only up to the driver to choose one. And although the passengers can only lament quietly, why the driver once again chooses a stony road, when it looks a little more comfortable few meters away, only he knows what he is doing. Aka when the off-road is the better road.

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