Plan of our way

We started to write a blog to make it quick and easy to find out how are we and what are we doing. And also, to avoid the thirtieth repetition of the same story, and for the thirteenth listener not to receive only a shortened version of our stories, which Dom had forgotten by that time anyway. Many people ask us about the plan and route of our journey. To be honest – we do not know. We only have a core idea when and where to go and what we will see there.

How long will we be gone? Perhaps a year, maybe two, or maybe we will be at home for Christmas. Let’s outline at least our main route.


On 28.7.2017 we fly to Moscow, where we’ll spend only one afternoon, walk through the centre and, before midnight, we sit on our first train heading to Kazan. We will have one day in Kazan, and another night transfer will take us to Ekaterinburg, from where we will go straight to the “Deer Streams” National Park, where we will spend three days. From Yekaterinburg, the longest part of the Trans-Siberian railway is waiting for us because we will be closed there for a day and a half. We will ride to Krasnoyarsk to visit the Stolby National Park. Then we have the last night crossing to Irkutsk from where we head to Baikal. Around the largest lake in Russia, we will walk, hitchhike and maybe swim for about two weeks.
The last stop of a month’s stay in Russia will be Ulan-Ude, from where we will take a bus to Mongolian Ulan Bator.

Mongolia is a mystery

There are locations that we would like to visit, but our transportation method will be a thumb lifted up, so it is difficult to tell where exactly will we get in Mongolia. We would like to follow the footsteps of the Przewalski’s horses, which are being sent back to their natural environment by the Czech Republic, but getting permission to visit them is not easy. We have to apply for it at the Mongolian Ministry of the Environment, so let’s see if we succeed.

South Korea

If Kim calms down, we’ll fly to South Korea at the end of September, where we’ll have a one-month travel break. We will be looking for work remotely, working, planning other trips, and writing our stories. Besides, our plan is always about two months of travel and a month of work. We are lucky that there are several of our friends living in Korea who can help us move around. After about a month and a half, we will move to Nepal.

Hiking in Nepal

In Nepal, one of the most demanding treks of our journey is waiting for us. Our friends Bara and Jara (we call them Bajara or Jabara – according to the mood, but they don’t know this) will join us for a two-week hike to the Himalayas.

South-east Asia in a tuk-tuk

We can describe our next steps only briefly. We will move from Nepal to some Asian country, from where we will work again and celebrate Christmas.

If it is possible, we would like to buy a tuk-tuk in Asia and drive through Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand.
We won’t skip China, we will return there perhaps for the Chinese New Year, or maybe some other time. According to the price of flights, we visit Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia.

In Bali or Thailand, we want to spend a few days in the monastery (not together, alone). We take it as an experience and an opportunity to take a rest from each other, as we will certainly need it, even though we will often travel with other people.

Working in New Zealand

About a year from now, we’ll hope for good luck and fast wifi, because we will apply for a working visa in New Zealand, and if we get it we will spend a couple of months there to make money for further travelling. We will buy a minivan to drive through New Zeland and live there for some time. Then, we’ll fly to Australia and, with some luck, visit it and survive.

Hola América Latina

After visiting New Zealand and Australia, we’ll fly to South America. If we take it from the north or the south, it depends on the weather. My dream is to visit Easter Island and walk around it all the way. It has only about 60 kilometres.
We would like to finish it all in the Caribbean – in Cuba, in Jamaica, where the wind will blow us.

And then we’ll go home. Most likely.

You can always find our plans in the itinerary, which will be updated according to the situation.

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