June 2016
When drinking a wine, we’ve decided to travel around the World.

January 2017
The preparations have started.
Our project is called Seven Hills Away.
The blog is on!
After 2 months of struggling we have a logo!

We bought one-way tickets to Moscow.

Here it is! We are leaving for a trip around the World.

August 2017
Visiting Kremlins in Moscow and Kazan.

Trans-Siberian railway through Russia.

Deer Streams National park near Ekaterinburg.

Hiking in the nature around Baikal lake.

Shamanism in the Baikal region is still alive.

September 2017
We hitchhiked through Mongolia from Ulanbator to the Altai.

Yak is a typical Mongolian animal. And there are thousands of them.

Mongolian cuisine is very specific, but not bad at all.

October 2017
Korea. Our first working holiday from travelling.

November 2017
We started by a short hike to Poon Hill (3120 m n.m.).

Then, we hiked around Manaslu. 16 days of walking in total.

December 2017
In December, we were relaxing in Thai paradise. Just the Sun, sea and coctails.

Do you know the history of the bridge on the river Kwai? Maybe it didn´t happen the way you think.

In the floating market we bought fruits directly from the boats.

January 2018
Myanmar. A beautiful country and still unspoiled.

With our friend Kubi we are exploring the beauty of jungle in the Shan state.

Inle lake with its famous fishermen.

February 2018

Have you ever seen a Red Lotus Sea? They have one in Thailand.

We are learning to cook Thai meals, which we both love so much.

Another working holiday. This time in the climate of SE Asia.

March 2018

Angkor Wat. The largest religious monument in the World.

Millions of bats fly out of their caves every night for hunting.

Pepper plantations and salt fields. Both can be found in one place in Cambodia.

April 2018

You can see the consequences of the war in Vietnam even today. The visit of War Remnants museum had a big impact even on us.

The lanterns of Hoi An are the most colourful and pretty little things.

Vietnamese culture is influenced by Chinese. The Chinese dragon can be seen in many places.

May 2018

Elephants of SE Asia are magical animals.

Laos is famous for its temples in Luang Prabang.

June 2018

Ha Long Bay is a must see in Vietnam

The best way to explore the country is on a motorbike.

One week in Hong Kong.

And one day in Macao.

July 2018

The sea in Philippines is full of life.

We finally had a chance to witness cockfighting which is illegal in most of the other countries.

Our next destination was Malaysia.

Malaysia is a country of tea plantations in Cameron Highlands.

We´ve visited Singapore for a few days.

August 2018
In Indonesia, we hiked up the Inerie volcano in Flores island.

We were also swimming with mantas.

Scuba diving in Indonesia is simply one of the best in the World.

September 2018
Timor Leste. First state of the 21st century. And still rarely visited by tourists.

Crocodile is the national animal of Timor Leste. Can you guess why?

We had a one-day-stopover in Sydney.

Autumn 2018
We´re starting our trip in New Zealand.

Home sweet campervan. Hopefully it will survive.

Our next stop? Lighthouse!

February 2019

Fire dancing is an old Samoan tradition.

March 2019

Not only pearls are the hidden treasures of Polynesia. The beaches are beautiful too.

April 2019

Hiding in the shade after glass of wine.

Home sweet home

Pictures inspired by Freepik.com